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International CO Conference – Final Report/Presentations


A report summarizing the findings of TSSA’ first international conference on carbon monoxide is now available.

TSSA recently hosted an engaging workshop on the public health risks of carbon monoxide (CO). The conference included government and regulatory partners as well as public health agencies and non-profits from Europe, USA and Canada. This 2-day session covered strategies to further CO awareness and effectively reduce CO-related health risks.

The conference formed the basis for the establishment of the International CO network (ICON), which will allow various experts to further share data and best practices. Furthermore, carbon monoxide poisoning was declared to be a public health burden and there was a call to increase worldwide efforts to address this issue. Other highlights include presentations by industry partners on technological mitigation solutions as well as collaboration among Canadian regulators to share data and best practices locally.

The Public Risk Management (PRISM) Institute prepared a report summarizing the findings.

Click here to see findings.

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