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FSN's Actions in Dealing with COVID-19

With the spread of COVID-19, FSN Training urges its valued customers and staff to take all precautions possible to protect your health and safety.

As this pandemic continues to cause mass disruptions for the public and businesses, FSN Training is waiving all cancellation fees for companies that wish to postpone our services. We also want to ensure our customers that FSN Training is OPEN FOR BUSINESS but will be reviewing our availability on a case by case basis. Our office staff has also taken precautions by working from home.

FSN Instructors have also been advised to monitor the news and have been requested to follow proper sanitation methods, including helping to reduce the virus' spread through "social distancing". We have also directed our Instructors to wipe down exams, equipment and props prior to and after a training session.

To maintain a healthy training environment at customer locations, we are asking customers to ensure the following:

- Any student displaying symptoms of cough, cold or fever be asked to reschedule

- Any student that has been outside Canada within 14 days prior to the course be asked to reschedule

- All training sessions be pre-registered prior to a course to minimize contact between students

- All students be asked to wash their hands with soap and warm water prior to and following a training session

- Have hand sanitizing gels or wipes available during a training session

- Students must have their own personal protective equipment as sharing will not be allowed

- Training rooms be thoroughly sanitized by wiping desks and chairs prior to and following the training session

- Training rooms be located in an open area to practice social distancing (students must be at least 6 feet apart)

For further information on proper hygiene methods, we encourage you to visit the recommendations outlined by official websites such as Health Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Health. You can also find the Ministry of Health's COVID-19 prevention poster HERE to display at your workplace.

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