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Remembering Those Lost: Day of Mourning

On April 28th, Canada observes the National Day of Mourning to honour the memory of workers who have lost their lives, been injured, or suffered illness due to work-related incidents. This day is a reminder that workplace safety and preventing further tragedies is an ongoing commitment that we must all uphold.

This day has been recognized nationally and internationally, and serves as a reminder to employers, employees, and policymakers alike that workplace safety should always be a top priority.

According to the Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada, in 2021, there were 1,081 workplace fatalities in Canada. These numbers highlight the importance of continuing to raise awareness about the importance of workplace safety and prevent further tragedies.

On this day of remembrance, we honour the lives of those who have been affected by workplace incidents by taking action to ensure that no one else loses their life or is injured in the workplace. Employers can invest in training programs, proper equipment, and provide a safe working environment. Employees can also take responsibility for their own safety by following safety protocols and raising concerns if they feel unsafe.

At FSN Safety Training, our goal is to protect workers and put an end to workplace tragedies.



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