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Course Preview

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Online Course





Course Description

This Online and Interactive Training Program is designed as an initial or re-fresher awareness program for individuals who ship, receive, prepare or offer for transport a dangerous good by road and/or rail.

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods is a federally regulated industry and correct training is required. This course covers the mandated information to develop an understanding for the hazards and the regulatory requirements associated with handling dangerous goods and controlled products. It includes a variety of real-world examples and descriptions and is ideal for shippers, receivers and drivers. PDF resources such as checklist and classification guide are also available for print.

Course Topics

Introduction to the Transportation of Dangerous Good Act
  • Exemptions

  • Classification

  • Documentation

  • Safety Marks

  • Packaging & Training

  • Loading & Handling

  • Reporting Requirements

Testing & Certification

Each module contains working quizzes to increase retention and a Final Exam requiring an 80% pass grade to acquire a Certification of Completion. You will have 3 chances to obtain the pass mark and will be able to review each module.

Upon course completion a printable certificate will be available complete with pre-filled required information and printing instructions. Employer and Employee signatures are required to be valid.

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