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WHMIS 2015

WHMIS stands for the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. It is a comprehensive system for providing health and safety information on hazardous products intended for use, handling, or storage in Canadian workplaces.

WHMIS 2015

Course Details

WHMIS is a Canada wide hazard communication system which provides information about hazardous products used in the workplace. Any employees exposed to hazardous products must understand the basics of WHMIS. FSN’s program includes an overview of WHMIS regulations and content for both current legislation and the transfer to WHMIS 2015.

Length of Course: 2-3 Hours
Prerequisites: None
Validity: 3 Years (Recommended)

Regulatory References:

  • Occupational Health & Safety Act

  • Ontario Regulation 860


Employers are responsible for reviewing their WHMIS policies and procedures annually.

Course Content

  • WHMIS Legislation

  • Health Hazards

  • Worker Protection

  • Hazard Groups

  • Classes and Categories

  • Pictograms

  • Supplier and Workplace Labels

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS Sheets)

  • Worker Education

  • Controlling Hazardous Materials

  • Emergency Planning

WHMIS 2015
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