About Us

Leaders in Safety Training since 1995

Since 1995, FSN Safety Training has been providing customers with exceptional services that give people the tools to identify workplace hazards, be competent and do their job safely. Offering a wide range of safety programs, we give our customers the benefit of learning on-site in their environment.


FSN offers a broad range of safety training courses, which include:

  • Propane

  • Natural Gas

  • CPO Approved Working at Heights

  • Construction and Industrial Equipment

  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods

  • Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle Maintenance and Conversion (ICE)

  • Health and Safety


At FSN, we are dedicated to being on top of the newest regulatory or legislative changes so that we always provide customers with the knowledge they need. Our safety trainers have more than 200 years of combined industry experience, each offering unique real-world examples of why safety on the job must always come first.