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What is propane?

Propane is classified as a flammable gas. It is a hydrocarbon extracted through natural gas refining. When it burns in well-ventilated areas, such as the outdoors, its byproducts are water vapour and carbon dioxide. If burned in enclosed areas such as inside a house, it could cause a buildup of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning!


We typically use propane as a gas but store it as a liquid. This is because compressing vapour propane into a liquid state allows us to store more fuel.

Believe it or not, liquid propane boils at a freezing cold -42°C! As such, if temperatures dropped below -42°C, propane would remain in a liquid state and could not be used in everyday applications such as barbecuing/grilling. That said, we commonly use propane while in both its vapour and liquid state. While most people use propane in its vapour state to light their barbecue, machinery like forklifts, cars, school busses, and other vehicles use liquid propane.

Do I need propane safety training?

In jurisdictions across Canada, workers using propane require to receive approved propane training. Following the successful completion of a training program, students receive a certificate of completion known as a Record of Training (ROT). In Ontario, the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) administers these requirements and approves training program and instructors to deliver this required training.

Why Choose FSN for your propane training needs?

FSN Safety Training was born out of the propane industry in 1995. Our highly knowledgeable propane instructors, who are packed with propane industry experience, have trained thousands of students over the years.

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