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Natural Gas construction heater training Ontario.

Natural Gas Training:
Construction Heaters


Program Description

This course has been designed for individuals who wish to inspect and maintain construction heaters up to 400,000 BTU. It is intended for rental company service repairmen.


The program also covers the regulatory requirements that affect workers in the workplace and on the job site such as those outlined in the Technical Standards and Safety Act and in Ontario Regulation 213/91 Construction Projects.


Upon successful completion of a written test and hands-on demonstration, students receive the following Record of Training (ROT):

  • Natural Gas Construction Heaters

​Regulatory References

Course Content

  • Acts and Regulations

  • Properties of Natural Gas

  • Meters, Heaters & Other Equipment

  • Safe Use & Installation of Heaters

  • Meter Activation Procedures

  • Emergency Preparedness

Course Length: 4 Hours

Certificate Validity: 3 Years


ROT holders of this course cannot operate natural gas construction heaters over 400,000 BTUH.

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