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What's Virtual vs. Online Training?

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

FSN has recently launched Virtual and Online Training programs. Some of you could be wondering what the difference is. Here are some basics of what we can offer you:

  • Live two-way video chat between you and an FSN Instructor

  • The Instructor guides you through the training program

  • You get to ask questions and receive help in real-time, either in a group or individually in multiple locations

  • If a "hands-on component" is required, we will work with you


  • The "traditional" approach to learning online (or e-learning) at one's own pace

  • Training is completed individually with a series of pre-recorded videos and slides

  • Exercises and the exam are embedded in the program

Which type of training, best suited for you, depends on your needs! Please stay safe and we would like to extend a massive thanks to all essential service workers during this challenging time. For more information, please contact 905-649-7670 or email


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